10 Twin Peaks Designs to Celebrate the Big Return

Yes, we overreact to pretty much everything these days, but this is an exception: after 25 years, Twin Peaks will return! To celebrate, I scooped around the internet for 10 Twin Peaks designs perfect for a celebration tee.
10 Twin Peaks Designs to Celebrate the Big Return
Dale, Audrey, Log Lady, Truman I missed you so much I might wear the pinkest tee in the history in your honour.
2014, DigitalIllustration made by Barry Lee.
So what you’re out of milk, or the coffee machine is broken, just play the character on your tee, pretend the liquid in your mug is the best coffee in the world and repeat after me : “Damn good coffee”. A cherry pie might help.
Illustration made by Andres Lozano.
Illustration made by Carlos Lerma.
I love Twin Peaks, you love Twin Peaks, they love Twin Peaks, everybody loves Twin Peaks so show your love with wonderful design.
Illustration made by Coreena Lewis
“The Owls are not what they seem”- a good reminder that the surface of things can hide something else. sometimes good, sometimes bad, the important thing is to never stop at appearances.
Illustration made by Andreas Preis.
It’s possible she – or her log – knows the meaning of life. I wouldn’t risk it if I were you, and start wearing this Twin Peaks design as soon as possible!
Illustration made by Alex Viksten.
The controversed One Eye Jack get’s a new face and it’s more poisonous than ever.
Illustration made by Lukas Mayer.
If you are a fan of minimalism you can always go with these sleek reinterpreted logos for the key places in town.
Illustration made by Saamu Salovara.
I like my coffee tall, dark, and with a nice mysterious flavour, but if you like yours black as midnight on a moonless night, it’s ok. I’m not judging.
twin peaks designs
Illustration made by Punchkid.
Behind every man stand a great woman, but behind this show, stand 4 lovely women. Ode to them!
Illustration made by Maria Tiurina.
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