10 of the best free vector sites for a tight budget

It comes a moment in our lives when we need a free vector or more for our projects. Well, we all know the feeling. We’ve all been there and it sort of kills creativity, doesn’t it? When you’re looking to make some money out of art, art is not art anymore. So, a tight budget is cramping your style and you need more time for ideas, and less for scouting employers to sustain your passion. Here is a list with the best free vector sites to check daily for high quality resources, like icons, illustration, banners, logos, patterns and many, many more.

But I have a feeling we missed some good ones. Let us know in the comments what’s your go-to site for free resources.

10 of the best free vector sites for a tight budget


free vector






The Noun Project

the noun project


My Graphic Hunt

best free vector sites





Creative Market


All Free Download

all free download


Flat Icon




Web Design Hot

web design hot


free vector archive


Free Vectors Net


BONUS! Check out this comprehensive link with 2500 free resources for designers !

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