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10 Fantastic Christmas Graffiti

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and we are preparing to celebrate it in less than two days. What better way to spread the Christmas joy than throughout urban art ? Graffiti has become a renown form of expression.¬†Legalization offers the urban artists a chance to spread their joyful messages over entire murals, especially during holidays. In the regions where graffiti is not legal, a couple of shop owners hire urban artists to recondition their shops and to show the world how beautiful urban art can be. This way they attract dozens of customers and they encourage what I call an impressive form of art.

What I really like about these Christmas Graffiti is the fact that each artist shows his own personality. The only thing that is commonly found in all of the murals is the Christmas spirit.¬†From simple tags to more sinister Christmas Graffiti, urban walls and trains are common places for urban artists to leave their holiday message. Instead of waiting for Santa Claus with cookies, they chose to seduce him with fantastic works of art. They don’t spread happiness and joy only on Christmas Day. The murals are there all year, so you can enjoy a little bit of the Christmas Spirit on a hot day in July.

Below you can see some of our favorite Christmas Graffiti but you can click here to see the entire collection.

10 Fantastic Christmas Graffiti

Christmas Graffiti Santa Claus

Creepy Snowman Graffiti

Merry Christmas train

Bad Santa

Joyful Christmas Graffiti

Santa drawing Christmas Graffiti

Pavement art

Santa reinvented

Christmas Carols

Dog for life not just for christmas


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