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10 Dirty Pick Up Lines on a T-shirt

Dirty Pick Up Lines on a Tee.

Hello people!Today’s topic is about pick up lines and t-shirts , so be prepared because I am about to show you 10 dirtiest pick up lines printed on a t-shirt. Yes, cheesy lines are funny on tees if you dare to wear them in public. Dirty pick up lines shirts are even riskier depending on the content and images . Now who doesn’t like sexy t-shirts? Honestly, many people create a shirt with their own sexy info, shapes and ideas. Bellow are some of the dirtiest pick up lines that you will find on a t-shirt and I guarantee they will make you laugh.

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Is there a man in your life a self-proclaimed “king of the grill?”

Dirty pick up line

 Funny & Offensive Pick Up Line T-SHIRT

Dirty pick up line

You’re going to love the way, I blow !Dirty pick up lines

She wants the D. In case it isn’t self-explanatory, sheet music is provided.

Dirty pick up lines

I hope you like Chinese cuisine

Dirty pick up lines

Unbaaaaaaalievable teeDirty pick up line

The future is bright!Dirty pick up line

Tice Nits T-shirt
Dirty pick up lines

Genie in a bottle

pick up line

A new twist on an old idea

Pick up line

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