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Posts tagged with ‘vector graphics’

  • Bundle: 800+ Professional, Colorful Tropical Vector Graphics – only $9 !

    By Oana on March 16, 2017
    Tropical Vector Graphics Bundle from GraphicLoot It’s time for some goodies, a gift to graphic designers seeking the next best illustrations for the summer. Produced and brought together by GraphicLoot, I give you the eclectic graphic pack “Tropical Bundle” with a whooping 800+ high resolution elements, pattern and frames that you can combine in hundreds of ways. All original illustrations are hand-drawn […]
  • Cool t-shirt of the day #71

    By Oana on September 12, 2012
    I never get tired of featuring Design by Humans t-shirts so this is another day to do that and this time it’s stars themed one, The Stars Seeker.
  • Cool t-shirt #70

    By Oana on September 11, 2012
    Beast Wreck has carefully designed prints available all the time, but this is the latest. You can get it here.  
  • Dripping in Fat sale – £5 all t-shirts!

    By Oana on September 4, 2012
    Dripping in Fat  is a small but focused company trying to make the world a better-dressed place. They recruited some of the best designers from around the globe to make visual statements that you can wear every day. Now Dripping in Fat is having a generous  summer sale! They are discounting ALL our tees to a gob-smacking £5! So why […]
  • Domestic Sanity first line of t-shirts

    By Oana on August 20, 2012
    There is a t-shirt company out there that has concentrated its forces into bringing forward one very professional project. Domestic Sanity rounds u p a line of designs with one of the most representative logos I have seen. Coming across them, I could swear they were experienced designers with a penchant for stuffed animals. As it is always the case […]
  • What are vector graphics ?

    By Oana on March 14, 2011
    We love it, we create it, we are it! You often heard us talk about vector art, methods on how to improve it, but  you have never heard us talk about the vector term itself. You might say that you don’t need to know this elementary info, since you probably work in the same field, but I bet, not all of […]
  • Excellent Free Vectors for great artworks!

    By Barkone on November 22, 2010
    Vectors are basically the signs of geometry like lines, polygons, points and curves. These mathematical equations are very useful in computer graphics to create images. It helps the designer a lot in creating new designs as these can be edited easily and can be used in any size. If you are a graphic designer then you can easily use these […]
  • Fashion self with funny, crazy tee-shirts!

    By Barkone on November 11, 2010
    So it seems you are bored with traditional looking, old fashion tee shirts in life! Guess what, there is actually no fashion around with plain t-shirts if you really want to look unique. No doubt those plain t-shirts, line designers or patch work tee look great but if you need something crazy something vector you need to check out the […]
  • Best 10 Free Vector Art Websites!

    By Barkone on November 11, 2010
    Free vector art as clip art is very sought after, but finding quality free vector art is not as easy as you might think, so we have searched the web to find the best free vector art sites where you can download hundreds of graphics for free! Below are 20 of the best places to find free vector graphics. 1. […]