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Posts tagged with ‘teefury’

  • Get your fix of Game of Thrones tshirts before the big premiere

    By Oana on July 12, 2017
    Game of Thrones tshirts It’s seems like forever since I saw the last Game of Thrones episode. It’s been over a year, actually. Now I need to re-watch every season to remember the facts and characters. This epic TV show will definitely exercise your memory and bring out the long lost geek in you. What I find extremely frustrating is […]
  • Folklore-inspired Cool t-shirt #55 by TeeFury !

    By Oana on June 27, 2012
    Children of the ’80s culture will understand this cool t shirt that brings back lots of good memories. Folklore-inspired Cool t-shirt #55 by TeeFury ! Since it’s the year of the water dragon in China, I thought it would be nice to take us all back on a mythical journey into the Chinese world view ! Symbolizing strength and power of […]
  • Cool t-shirts from Teefury

    By Oana on October 1, 2011
    Teefury has always had some of the best designs, everyday featuring a unique model from their gallery. It’s nice to know the story behind each of them regarding the meaning, source of inspiration and the intention of the artist in comparison to the public’s perception of them. We thought we introduce you to some of the coolest designs in our […]
  • Zombama returns to TeeFury!

    By Barkone on October 26, 2010
    The newest shirt by Zombana release from TeeFury. ZOMBAMA RETURNS! On Halloween (Oct 31) ZOMBAMA will return to the site that made him famous, TeeFury ! This isn’t Zombama as you remember him… he’s decayed a bit more since last time and he’s starting to attract more flies and maggots (and he’s printed on a sinister black shirt instead of […]
  • Artist of the week –Jimi Benedict ( Jimiyo)

    By Oana on July 27, 2010
    When you really want to get in the top, you must work hard, but you also need the most important thing: the talent and a very strong motivation. And when that motivation is love for art, then there is no way you can fail. Jimiyo is the living proof of a very hard working graphic designer who started with a […]

    By Oana on February 10, 2009
    People nowadays are attracted more and more to non-standard t-shirts, with designs that draw attention and make them stand out of the crowd. We know that the number of designers is continuously growing, and, for them, there is a place for competition, a place where they can get the chance to print their design and probably see it on the […]
  • The fury of tees: Teefury

    By Oana on December 17, 2008
    The fury of tees: Teefury Now, those of you who know me a little know that I’m not the whoring type and I don’t shamelessly self-promote (especially on this blog) unless it’s something BIG. And for me, this is big news. I’ve been curated by Jimmy Benedict “Jimiyo” for a feature on teefury.com. Here I am, today only, with one […]