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Posts tagged with ‘summer designs’

  • 2017 Collection of favorite summer t-shirts

    By Oana on June 27, 2017
    Fun summer t-shirts for 2017 Summer t-shirts are the best t-shirts. Tropical prints on T-shirts in summer are simply picture perfect. They are meant to be together. It’s a cliché I can’t get enough of, so I thought it was time to add some new ones to my collection. But in a world of print-on-demand sites and crazy-talented designers I […]
  • United State of Indiana summer tank tops !

    By Oana on August 8, 2012
    Summer is so complicated with all the romancing, the new places, the new people and newly discovered hobbies so a little simplicity here and there goes a long way. Advocate of the “less is more” motto is also United State of Indiana creator Graham Brown, who put together a very consistent line of t-shirts to “promote the unique creative energy […]
  • This summer’s designs from T-shirt-factory !

    By Oana on April 5, 2011
    Dunno about you guys, but as a girl I really care for fashion and everything related to this. And I am always interested in finding out what to wear this summer, this winter, oh heck… every day of the year. It’s important to look good. I’m going to be honest with you, I have my moments when I dress very elegantly, but, […]