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Posts tagged with ‘posters’

  • High Quality Typographic Prints and Posters

    By Stefy on April 1, 2015
    The Watermelon Factory : Typographic Prints&Posters The Watermelon Factory  is rather new in this industry but they promise to impress. ”Freshly squeezed art for everyone” is part of their logo  which means they produce almost every week new high quality typographic prints ,posters and sketches. Ranging from motivational prints&posters to monochromatic work , that timeless Black and White look , you’ll find […]
  • Top 10 Best Spring Vectors

    By Stefy on March 23, 2015
    Spring is finally here and to celebrate the end of a chilly winter , we’ve put together a Top 10 Best Spring Vectors. In this season the nature is kind,it gives us pleasure and joy. The trees, once more look fresh and lovely,they regain their lost leaves and with them we feel reborn. The vectors you can download from this top […]
  • RedBubble Halloween designs for posters, phone cases and stickers

    By Oana on October 24, 2014
    RedBubble Halloween designs for Prints, cases and stickers It’s not just you who needs to get into the Halloween spirit with a crazy costume, there’s also your precious iPhone, your sticker collection or your favorite type of prints that can embrace the zombie version of themselves. The creepiest and most original designs have found a cozy place over at RedBubble […]
  • Tad Carpenter illustrations

    By Oana on May 3, 2012
    I  say let's take a short break from the lovely t-shirts that we see all the time and let's focus on an illustrator that has been on my mind for a long time. Today is the day when I will make room for him on the blog to show you how great he is. Besides being an illustrator and designer, […]
  • Fullbleed launched series 12 of t-shirts and silkscreened posters

    By Oana on March 30, 2012
    I admit I haven’t given Fullbleed the attention they deserve so now I’m gonna definitely make up for that. For those that haven’t heard about them, Rob Dobi started the t-shirt line as a distraction after college, being satiated by band t-shirts. The first designs were launched in 2004 and they caught on, maybe because people noticed he was not […]
  • Amazing typography in advertising

    By Oana on January 13, 2012
    Making your product known and liked begins with the identity of your product and advertising is made just for that – to offer identity to both your product and your company. More and more people choose to employ typography in their ads and that is justifiable to say the least. The ways you can play with words to make up […]
  • Artist of the week – David Vicente’s Psychobilly art

    By Oana on January 12, 2012
    David Vicente was born in 1968 in France.Just like many other excellent artists around the world he expressed his talent and remarkable skills early on , with a predilection towards Rock’ n’ Roll in the form of Psychobilly art. His first inspirations were cult albums like The Cramps, Guanabatz or Rockabilly Psychosis that opened his eyes about graphics. Renowned fashion […]
  • Inspiring graphics of the day – random designs !

    By Oana on December 13, 2011
    Today was a really busy day for me so I took that as a source of inspiration for this set’s designs. Especially because not one thing I did was related to the other, I put up a random kind of group of illustrations that reflects just that. Thus these inspiring graphics are really the result of inspiration, but expect them […]
  • Inspiring graphics of the day

    By Oana on November 16, 2011
    We decided to distance ourselves from the serious graphics or illustrations that we liked in order to cheer everyone up, because it is Wednesday – the middle of the week. The weekend seems far away and time seems to pass so hard. Oh well, it’s good that we can always find refuge in other’s people creativity. And yes, you will […]