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Posts tagged with ‘love’

  • Beautiful notebooks created by Huddle Formation

    By Stefy on June 29, 2015
    Beautiful notebooks created by Huddle Formation Can you imagine working with your other half every day ? Most of you guys ,will answer, no . Sometimes , spending too much time together can make the relationship mundane . But it’s not the case for Ben and Fi O’Brien , a couple of designers who are combining love with work.  They are […]
  • Valentine’s Day – Label pack

    By Stefy on February 13, 2015
    Love is in the air because couples all over the world are preparing to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  The whole internet is full of love letters, declarations and pictures with lovers. Cupid has also fallen over Freepik bringing unexpected surprises . I found out an amazing label pack that will bring excitement to this particular holiday. Nine completely editable labels are […]
  • Free vector seasons trees

    By Oana on September 1, 2014
     Free vector seasons trees Download from the link below the free vector seasons trees ! Free vector designs for the fall season, featuring trees for different seasons or it can be named as a 365 paint. A full inspired design , full of  love, happiness, joy even sadness and cold in the winter season. It can be used for a printed t-shirts, […]
  • Valentine's t-shirts from RedBubble

    By Oana on February 5, 2014
    Valentine’s t-shirts from RedBubble There are a ton of t-shirt designs that I just love from RedBubble and Valentine’s Day will surely be a favorite theme on the site in the following days. T-shirts or customized products with original designs are a pretty popular gifts for such an occasion. So have a look and don’t be fooled by the title […]
  • American-made t-shirts – Brave Threads

    By Oana on August 9, 2013
    Brave Threads, a California-based t-shirt company, offers distinctive t-shirts with original artwork created by American artists, combining experience, entrepreneurial spirit and passion to give to the community something quite unique. Brave Threads t-shirts are printed on 100% organic cotton using environmentally friendly ink. The tees are not only grown, sewn and printed using American farmers, manufacturers and printers, but the company also reinvests a portion of the proceeds […]
  • Folklore-inspired Cool t-shirt #55 by TeeFury !

    By Oana on June 27, 2012
    Children of the ’80s culture will understand this cool t shirt that brings back lots of good memories. Folklore-inspired Cool t-shirt #55 by TeeFury ! Since it’s the year of the water dragon in China, I thought it would be nice to take us all back on a mythical journey into the Chinese world view ! Symbolizing strength and power of […]
  • Shirtfrom brand takes you around the world

    By Oana on June 22, 2012
    It’s always nice to write about t-shirt lines that use fabrics and blank shirts respecting fair trade standards, with environmental consciousness. Shirtfrom is one of them – they are fresh and rapidly growing in the apparel industry. They come from the lovely place of Arnhem, not very far from Amsterdam, so you know there’s some inspiration to be explored there! […]
  • Ninjas in Paris Cool t shirt # 35 !

    By Oana on April 6, 2012
    This t shirt is just adorable and I couldn’t resist not putting it here. Ninjas in Paris Cool t shirt # 35 ! This association between tough ninjas and the city of light and romance is anything but ordinary. The ninja invasion is fluffy, colorful and full of balloons and hearts, against a black and white background. Ninjas feel Paris’s love […]

    By Oana on February 17, 2010
    You know, besides all the aesthetic look of the graphics on it, besides the cozy or not so cozy nature of them, t-shirts are used as useful method to express personality, likes, dislikes, using statements that place us in some sort of battle areas. This is the case of the all known “Twilight”, which almost drove people crazy by taking the […]