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Posts tagged with ‘graphic artist’

  • The surreal world of Tshirt Factory Illustrator Magda Vizireanu

    By Oana on July 10, 2017
    Tshirt Factory Illustrator: Magda Vizireanu It’s time for you to meet a young, talented Romanian illustrator that I’ve been following for a few months now. I didn’t plan on it, it just happened because there was something I noticed with each new drawing: the evolution of an artist, that grew with each new design. And when I saw her last […]
  • Budi Satria Kwan Interview for Tshirt-Factory!

    By Oana on February 28, 2012
    Budi Satria Kwan is a very popular graphic artist from Indonesia whose prints must have caught your attention. Even if you don’t know him by name you already are a fan of his great works, I assure you. He is heavily featured on great t-shirt sites and communities like Threadless, Society6, Lafraise, Design by Humans and many more. He was […]
  • Artist of the week – Fernanda Suarez’s female illustrations

    By Oana on January 30, 2012
    Couldn’t really find much info about this week’s Artist but we’ll just make her a perfect example of work talking for the artist. There’s no need to know about the biography or have other background information when you see these impressive female illustrations coming from Colombian artist Fernanda Suarez. We think she has an amazing sense of a woman’s body and […]
  • Inspiring graphics of the day – fresh new t-shirts !

    By Oana on January 12, 2012
    Today’s inspiration comes from some great new t-shirts designs that I’ve stumbled on today. The new year seems to have brought a lot of inspiration and flair to the artists of the t-shirt world, so for that we wanted to promote them and show them to you. Take a look below and get inspired by the latest graphics from experienced […]
  • Over 20 free Photoshop style resources

    By Oana on January 9, 2012
    We never get enough of free stuff. That’s not to say we prefer to take everything for free than reward the talent. Anything that has time, effort and creativity in it should be encouraged and repaid. But there are also situations when you’ve just got started or don’t have all the resources necessary to buy the best. This is where […]
  • Customized hoodies from Goodjoe

    By Oana on January 9, 2012
    As the name suggests, the Goodjoe t-shirt community is a group of very good natured people willing to help  new artist, amateurs and professionals alike in their endeavors of putting their ideas and messages across. For that to happen they chose the support of a very mutable and flexible method: the t shirt. And because it’s good to think in practical terms, […]
  • Celebrity t shirt fashion

    By Oana on December 23, 2011
    Celebrities are people just like us and have more or less questionable tastes. But sometimes they just strike gold with their wardrobe choices. As far as t-shirt are concerned they seem to always get it right. I honestly don’t care if that’s just their stylists advising them what to wear to gain popularity but I appreciate when they’re promoting good […]
  • Inspiring graphics of the day – Santa vectors

    By Oana on December 20, 2011
    Yes , it’s all over the damn place; this damn Christmas is taking over everything. All I see are people running left and right trying to get presents ready. I have friends that think they still have plenty of time to find something. I just can’t understand some thing, especially the chaos that ensues after realizing all the good deals […]
  • Steampunk wear from Mighty Fine !

    By Oana on December 20, 2011
    Steampunk has become extremely popular because of its anachronistic attribute. People have the tendency to want to go back in time yet never lose touch with the present, thus Steampunk is the perfect answer to that kind of nostalgia. I personally am a big fan of the ’80s era and every crazy fuckery it gave birth to, because back then anything was […]