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Posts tagged with ‘free art’

  • Free Vector Roses for download from T-Shirt Factory

    By Oana on March 1, 2012
    Free Vector Roses now available at our website You could have expected this but it’s still a good way to start the new season. We’re hoping for warmer times – those living in Europe know what I’m talking about. Here’s to luck, sunshine and beauty – a free vector roses, an original Tshirt-Factory, in the shape of a rose bouquet. […]
  • Free vector pinup from T-Shirt Factory

    By Oana on February 22, 2012
    Free vector pinup available for download at T-Shirt Factory We go crazy about hot girls and especially pin-up girls because of their just right amount of sex-appeal and bare skin. They just make you think and imagine and fantasize. But enough about that, check this one out. We made a free vector  pinup girl hot just for you and she has […]
  • Free cartoon vectors – Tweety and Sylvester

    By Oana on February 21, 2012
    We have and will be having numerous free vectors posts like these with some of the most popular cartoon characters from Disney and not only. Yesterday we had the first popular geek Dexter, and today we have Tweety and Sylvester and their hilarious faces. My favorite characters have to be the Road Runner and the Coyote but we’ll have them […]
  • Free Cartoon Vectors – Dexter's Laboratory

    By Oana on February 20, 2012
    You remember these cartoons and God, how awesome they used to be! Dexter was the first most popular geek ever!  His amazing skills and impressive IQ always got him into trouble. Dee Dee, her sister, was the anti-hero that made her brother human and flawed. In her innocence she somehow managed to outsmart Dexter and his intricate inventions. Each time […]
  • Free Vector Skull – T-Shirt Factory

    By Oana on February 13, 2012
    Free Vector Skull for download available at T-Shirt Factory Are you a creepy one? Then why don’t you just download our free vector skull? This is not just a regular skull, it’s a dandy skull to give your designs an aristocratic touch. If you like it you can download it for free, by subscribing to our newsletter. You can also check out […]
  • Free Heraldry Vectors download

    By Oana on January 24, 2012
    Free Heraldry Vectors with instant download We have more free stuff for you guys. This time we take you back in Medieval Times to explore the art and courage of war. No war without a cause, no great warrior scenes without some free heraldry vector downloads. Enjoy!
  • Free skull vector from Tshirt Factory available for instant download

    By Oana on January 23, 2012
    Free skull vector from Tshirt Factory Here we are at the beginning of a new week with new freshly made coffee in front of us, exploring new and exciting art forms. Because Mondays are hard and make you feel like you are battling inner demons, we thought a Free vector would be just fitting for the occasion. The design can be downloaded by […]
  • Free Vector Mario Zombie – T-Shirt Factory

    By Oana on January 18, 2012
    Download now the latest Free Vector Mario Zombie from T-Shirt Factory Playing Mario all the time as a kid ? Or even now? We have a zombie vector for for all Mario fans today and it’s not just any zombie – this zombie is out to collect your brains for an extra life. He is part of a whole free vector collection, so you can check […]
  • Appealing Free Facebook timeline covers ! ! !

    By Oana on January 12, 2012
    People going crazy over Facebook are surely enjoying its new feature, that of showing you a timeline of everything that happened in a period of time on this social media. It is a lot of fun and can be a very good business card for both professionals and freelancers who own any kind of business and need good exposure. Basically […]