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Posts tagged with ‘colorful illustrations’

  • Beautiful notebooks created by Huddle Formation

    By Stefy on June 29, 2015
    Beautiful notebooks created by Huddle Formation Can you imagine working with your other half every day ? Most of you guys ,will answer, no . Sometimes , spending too much time together can make the relationship mundane . But it’s not the case for Ben and Fi O’Brien , a couple of designers who are combining love with work.  They are […]
  • Freaky illustrations and posters need your support on Kickstarter

    By Oana on May 19, 2014
    Freaky illustrations and posters You might know Andrew from either the Captain Yeah! comic books he writes and draws or from his music-based freaky illustrations and posters. Here’s his Kickstarter pitch : People have been asking for t shirts printed with his crazy colorful illustrations, which he did through his friends over at Fakebum.com, but now he’s looking for a deal of his own, the whole point of this […]