Hardshirtz – The Metal Mash Up Charity T-shirt Project

Yesterday we talked about We are Love, a t-shirt company focused on donating money from the proceedings to charities. Today we have another such honorable case in which the t-shirt brand Hardshirtz is involved. They are creating a mash-up of metal bands and are putting them on t-shirts to support promising artists. What is amazing is that 100% of the profit goes to this cause and you get to wear a full metal t shirt – people will come to you for hugs, this is how great the response to these mash ups has been. So ┬ásome charity t shirts to help great musicians!

full wp-image-10223″ title=”charity t shirts” src=”http://blog.tshirt-factory.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/charity-t-shirts1.jpg” alt=”charity t shirts” width=”540″ height=”405″ />

metal t shirts
charity t shirts

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