Groupizo – Brand new fundraising website !

A new fundraising website was launched. Groupizo is a group funding platform providing a quick, painless, and social way to generate revenue for a cause, or just to sell your own designs. Creating a Groupizo Event doesn’t involve any production costs or risks and it takes only minutes.  After selecting your product (or products), creating and/or uploading your own artwork, all you need to do is set a selling price, set a closing date and decide on a custom url. Your supporters will then place orders online through the Event page.

At the close of each Event, Groupizo produces and sends the custom products to each supporter. Profits from the Event go directly to the Event organizer.

If you would like to view Groupizo Events for other causes, visit Events for Bright Pink, The Army Marathon, and Education at Work. You can find even more detailed information here.

Groupizo – Brand new fundraising website !

Groupizo - Brand new fundraising website !

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