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Check My Flow was created by Anthony Lyrics in May 2012. It started off as a simple idea to showcase how diverse poetry can be. Being a poet himself, Anthony wanted to share his love for poetry and interact with other writers and enthusiasts.

After witnessing how much poetry meant to people, he decided to create a brand that not only represented his talent for poetry, but also offered other artists the chance to express their skill and passion. As a result, was born. Since its launch, the website has continued to grow, resulting in the Check My Flow store being established in January 2013. offers a line of artistic garments for all the poetry lovers out there. The line provides individuals the opportunity to embrace their poetic side and put their passion for poetry on full display for everyone to see; anytime, anyplace, anywhere, on or off the stage. All items are high quality, crew neck Gildan garments with supreme style and 100% originality.

The simplicity and airy design of the site are in perfect tune with the discreet yet strong messages Anthony has started spreading, hoping more and more people will get in touch with their expressive side.

Have a look at the entire collection and share your thoughts on his poetry t-shirts.

The ‘Poetic Dreamer T-shirt’ (RRP £9.99) is a cool poetry t-shirt for confident and creative thinkers. It offers the perfect chilled outlook; men can wear it with three quarter lengths and trainers or with jeans and shoes, while women can wear it with leggings and trainers or with jeans and heels. Whatever the look, the t-shirt is adaptable to suit any personal style.

poetry t-shirts
Poetic Dreamer

The ‘Creative Lifestyle T-shirt’ (RRP £9.99) is the t-shirt for all creative men and women. Whether you’re an artist or simply a fan of art or a pretty girl who rocks or a laid back girl into art, there’s no doubt that you’ll love this stylish and comfy t-shirt. With its original and imaginative design, this t-shirt is the perfect addition to any wardrobe.

poetry t-shirts
Creative Lifestyle

Lastly, the ‘P.O.E.T. Jumper’ (RRP £16.99) is a versatile unisex jumper. Suitable for both winter and summer, it is equally warm as it is comfortable. Whether you’re buying one oversized or fitted, the artistic jumper is the ideal garment for a quiet night in or a fun night out.

poetry t-shirts

Check out Anthony’s news on the t-shirt line on Facebook as well and enjoy the presentation video:

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