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Cool T-shirts

  • Cool t-shirt #76 by LaFraise !

    By Oana on February 6, 2013
    The last cool t-shirt featured here was from LaFraise and I am beginning to think it is not a coincidence that I mention them so often on the blog. Cool t-shirt #76 by LaFraise ! They have a very impressive concept behind each one of them and the touch of cuteness and adorableness doesn’t hurt at all. Don’t forget to […]
  • Seventh Ink Apparel cool print

    By Oana on January 8, 2013
    Seventh Ink Apparel is always a delight to browse so it is quite appropriate to add one of their print designs as the first post of this year. The Butcher  is available here. college papers zp8497586rq
  • Cool t-shirt of the day #75

    By Oana on November 29, 2012
    Today’s cool t-shirt comes from the lovely laFraise.com where they settle for nothing less than impressive. Here is one that made me quite nostalgic about the magic of fairy tales.
  • Cool t-shirt of the day #74

    By Oana on November 14, 2012
    I am impressed by the very inspired look combination in this pic. Everything seems to go really well together and helps bring out the t-shirt design perfectly. You can see more of this style at We are Common indie clothing brand.
  • Halloween discounts, sales and coupons !

    By Oana on October 31, 2012
    You should really check out the very comprehensive list of Jared, from Indieminded with many t-shirt brands offering discounts or sales, to celebrate the awesome night of Halloween. Many of them expire tonight, so get in there and see what you like for awesome prices! We also checked out a few of the t-shirt brands that are currently having a […]
  • Cool t-shirt design #73

    By Oana on October 16, 2012
    The presentation of the graphic t-shirt is pretty interesting and I love the simplicity of the design – makes me think of Rorschach tests and its complexities. Paradoxical, no? This is just the beginning of  Edward Belmont’s line. Follow his work here if you like this one.  
  • Cool t shirt of the day #72

    By Oana on September 17, 2012
    It’s almost like we took one of our designs and gave it to Down but not Out t-shirt brand, but there is a totally different style in there. I love how big the print is! You can get it for £25.00.
  • Cool t-shirt of the day #71

    By Oana on September 12, 2012
    I never get tired of featuring Design by Humans t-shirts so this is another day to do that and this time it’s stars themed one, The Stars Seeker.
  • Cool t-shirt #70

    By Oana on September 11, 2012
    Beast Wreck has carefully designed prints available all the time, but this is the latest. You can get it here.  
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