Aaron Andrews Apparel – #DoWhatMotivatesYou campaign

Aaron Andrews Apparel  just started a new segment titled #DoWhatMotivatesYou. The new campaign is dedicated to spotlight entrepreneurs, artist, young professionals, who are pursuing their dreams and are turning their talents into a career. You -the young and talented generation – are invited to

express through video and imaging what motivates you to succeed in you field and what impact do you expect to make on those looking up to you.

Imagery is organized collaboratively with Chicago based Elevator Magazine.

Published videos are scheduled to premier on Motivation Monday; the clothing lines day dedicated to community service, communicating inspirational quotes, and releasing inspiring videos to encourage followers to start their week off on a bright note and to encourage youth to pursue their dreams.


t-shirt line
#DoWhatMotivatesYou x Aaron Andrews Apparel

“Aaron Andrews Apparel t-shirt line hopes that these videos will reiterate and clearly display our mission of  inspiring urban youth to use their talents and achieve success in the arts. We encourage you to promote these newly administered videos through your social networking sites by using the hash tag #DoWhatMotivatesYou. This effort will strengthen the impact of the videos and inspire someone to become the next Dream Chaser.

Staay focused, StaAy Determined, #DoWhatMotivatesYou “

Check out the video below featuring Ta-Tynisa Wilson and get inspired!

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