3d T shirts on Etsy !

Cool t shirt ideas are born everyday but this one is fun as well. We all know how resourceful Etsy is, maybe the single most important meeting point for hand-made products. There is an Australian indie company called Serius Grafik that offer 3d T shirts which come with a pair of 3d glasses to make the whole design come to life. They have two prints like that an I chose one that could honestly turn a lot of heads – and in a good way.

Printed on organic super-soft combed cotton, in Cyan nad Magenta ink , “the King of the Jungle” has a fit cut , it’s a sweat-shop free product and is alive on your chest – Fun!

3d t shirts
ACE OF SPADES 3D Skull Graphic
3d t shirts
THE KING 3D Organic Cotton T shirts
3d t shirts
3D Tshirts
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