T-shirt souvenirs from Hejorama

Those of you that swoon and get nostalgic just at the mention of Paris you have here a really creative and fun way to celebrate it and other lovely cities.

Hejorama is a travelling magazine that has decided to celebrate people's visit to Paris with a very cute souvenir in the form of a t-shirt.  And that is not all – Berlin, NY and Japan are also part of this nice tribute to the most visited places  by all of us. I think there should be more ideas like these and I must say I am really glad to see Berlin among the first ones they included.

“So basically, we do a travel magazine called Hejorama and have decided to venture into the t-shirt business with a modest contribution. It's a new vision of the typical “tourist souvenir” t-shirt of Paris. Inspired by a song from Josephine Baker “J'ai 2 amours mon pays et Paris” (I have two lov

es my country and Paris), we have decided to celebrate our beloved hometown of Paris and the other places we like around the world. For the first series: NY, Japan and Berlin. And also a blank t-shirt to be customized (or for real Parisians who typically don't like anything else 😉 “

Be sure to visit their Minimarket to purchase a travel t shirt or all of them if you are lucky enough to have seen all those cities. Big up to Hejorama!

travel t shirt
Travel t shirt from Hejorama
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