Celebrity t shirt fashion

Celebrities are people just like us and have more or less questionable tastes. But sometimes they just strike gold with their wardrobe choices. As far as t-shirt are concerned they seem to always get it right. I honestly don’t care if that’s just their stylists advising them what to wear to gain popularity but I appreciate when they’re promoting good music, good actors or fine entertainers. The fun part is when celebrities choose to wear other celebrities and that is just the perfect premise for an exchange of compliments and tributes they bring one another. That is if both parties are still alive. Sometimes it is just a good idea to follow the celebrities’ t shirt fashion, like in the following cases:

t shirt fashion
Mila Kunis - The Doors
Tiffani Thiessen - Justin Bieber
Joan jett on miley cyrus
Miley Cyrus - Joan Jett
fashion t shirts
Beyonce - Marylin Monroe
T shirt prints
Beyonce - Kelly Rowland
Obama tshirt
Beyonce - Obama
band t shirt
Miley Cyrus - The Jonas Brothers
Angry birds
Katy perry - Angry birds
Motley crue
Megan Fox - Motley Crue
Katy Perry - Madonna
Mickey Mouse
Rihanna - Mickey Mouse
Harley Davidson
Miley Cyrus - Harley Davidson
Miley Cyrus - Iron Maiden
bob marley
Rihanna - Bob Marley
Marylin Monroe
Rihanna - Marylin Monroe
Rihanna - Betty Boop
Megan Fox
Megan Fox - Star Wars
fashion style
Agyness Deyn - Stevie Nicks
Jesse Metcalfe
Jesse Metcalfe - Ozzy Osbourne
Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber - Tiffani Thiessen Demi Lovato - LL Cool J
kate beckinsale
kate beckinsale - The Beatles
Evan Rachel Wood - Dennis Hopper

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