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  • Robot design t-shirts

    By Oana on March 16, 2011
    Robot design prints have become very popular this days, therefore designers started to draw a lot of t-shirt designs this days. Why not, we might say. The t-shirt templates are cool and appealing and they draw attention. What is odd about this is that? The whole internet is searching for robot t-shirts. They all like them, and the keywords tend […]
  • Sex t shirts for everyone

    By Oana on March 15, 2011
    Sex sells. Everybody knows this. There is no field in the world that isn’t interested about sex and everything revolving around this. Sex is in the ads, in the movies and… on t-shirts. Definitely even on t-shirts. Why is that? Pretty simple to guess why. T-shirts are maybe the best way to advertise. You can see t-shirts everywhere, and everybody […]
  • What are vector graphics ?

    By Oana on March 14, 2011
    We love it, we create it, we are it! You often heard us talk about vector art, methods on how to improve it, but  you have never heard us talk about the vector term itself. You might say that you don’t need to know this elementary info, since you probably work in the same field, but I bet, not all of […]
  • Best graphic contests of Spring !

    By Oana on March 3, 2011
    Hey there, freaks! What’s up with you guys? Doin’ fine? Where in a creative mood! And, boy, do we have some great artwork in store for you. You know, while searching on the internet, we found some really cool graphic contest artists and we just couldn’t resist not to share the info with you guys! Competitions are the best way […]
  • T-shirts with tattoo design graphics

    By Oana on February 24, 2011
    Tattoos have always been with us, since the very beginning of time. People just loved to draw things on their bodies. The thing about tattoos is that they tend to give the body a special something, to make it come out of the crowd. Nowadays, people are so much more interested in tattoos than they were back in the old […]
  • Movies t shirts

    By Oana on February 24, 2011
    Movies t shirts Movies t shirts have always been the top of the top, along band t-shirts and funny t-shirts. Since the beginning of the cinema in late  19th century, people have been just so in love with this art! Nothing compared to the movie stars, motion play or the movie set. We believe that movies have a way in […]
  • Photoshop tutorial – customize your portrait

    By Oana on February 23, 2011
    There are a lot of ways to make your portrait original and cool, but not all of them are the coolest in the art-making business. We found a collection of how to make your portrait cooler and more appealing. Of course, in order for this to actually happen, you have to be best friends with Photoshop. If you are not good friends […]
  • Funny T shirts

    By Oana on February 22, 2011
    Funny T Shirts have a way in cheering people up. They have the gift in cheering not only the people’s days but the days of the people near them as well. It’s like a cheefull chain. Funny T-shirt are very popular, because people like to have fun and consider that amusing graphics are very appealing. In general you might think […]
  • Valentine’s Day t shirts ! ! !

    By Oana on February 9, 2011
    Hello again, boys and girls! Did you miss us? Coz we sure missed you! Ready for the big event? Yeah, yeah, Valentine’s Day! Did you buy your sweetheart the perfect gift? No? Oh, c’mon, you ain’t got much time left! Hurry up! Valentine’s Day is just a kiss away! Cool Valentine’s Day t shirts ! ! ! Anyway, we believe that […]
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